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To shape the future of all children by providing quality educational resources to inspire and create successful lifelong learners.

Learn - In order to learn, a learner must either have their existing knowledge challenged and applied to new ways or be challenge to acquire new knowledge to accomplish a task. This is true of all learners, regardless of any other factors or traits.

What changes among learners is the way they acquire knowledge and prefer to have information and tasks presented to them. This is where the learner must be met in order to make the learning process as smooth as possible.

This is what every plan, idea, or activity is oriented towards: challenging learners to pick up new skills or stretching existing skills to make further progress while acknowledging their individuality as much as possible.

Grow - The main goal of learning is for the further growth of the learner. This growth comes in the form of both academic knowledge and skills as well as a gain in confidence and the exposure to new experiences.

To best see growth, it must be observed and measured. However, it must also be facilitated. This means seeing where learners are succeeding and where they are struggling. This is the true purpose of measuring and observing how learners are progressing.

Observing and measuring a learner's progress should never be done with the purpose of simply seeing what they are failing in or in any other way that pressures the learner unnecessarily. That will hinder both learning and growth, which is the opposite of what we all should aiming to achieve.